Meranti wooden garage doors have become a popular choice amongst homeowners thanks to their fantastic looks and security benefits. But, in order to keep your meranti door looking great, you need to protect it from elements so that it doesn’t crack, warp or rot.

In this article, we’re going to look at the importance of maintaining and oiling your meranti garage door to prevent your investment from depreciating.

Let’s get to it.

The Importance of Oiling Meranti Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors need to be treated with Silkwood oil or any other oil-based product within three months after a new treated door was installed, then six months, and then once a year.

Alternatively, if the wood starts looking dry, it is a good idea to oil it to nourish the wood and prevent it from absorbing moisture that can form algae and cause the wood to rot.

How to Oil Meranti Garage Doors

When treating your wooden meranti garage door with Silkwood, make sure that the wood is dry and free from dust on the outside surface of the door.

Never coat the door with varnish. It seals the wood and causes it to dry out and become like a sponge. If you use varnish on your wooden meranti garage door, the varnish will result in the door getting fine hairline cracks caused by the sun. When it rains, moisture will then get drawn into the wood and become trapped within the wood, causing it to rot.