It’s that time of year once more. Families are assembling for their treasured annual traditions and It’s all too easy to take your garage door for granted.

Here are some helpful garage door recommendations to keep criminals out and to keep the joy inside this festive season.


#1: Perform A Visual Inspection

First things first, routine inspections. You should already be familiar with your garage and its working parts but if you aren’t there’s no better time than now to start. With the help of your owner’s manual, familiarise yourself with the springs, cables, pulleys, bolts, and rollers. Ensure each of these parts are intact, lubricated and are clear of debris. Here’s a garage door maintenance checklist to guide you through the process.


#2: Ensure Your Remote Works And Your Sensors Are Free Of Debris

During the festive season, crime increases. When it comes to your garage make sure your remote and sensors are working properly. Most garage doors use sensors to open and close. Make sure the sensors are aligned, using your remote, test how far your remote works from.


#3: Unplug Your Garage Door When You’re Away

Doing any travelling? Here are two essential garage door rules:

1) Leave your garage on manual.

2) Don’t leave your garage door unclosed.

Even if you aren’t going away, between storms affecting your motors/sensors, load shedding and other possible faults, making sure you’re covered on these assures that you’ve eliminated both a security risk (potential entrance into your garage and, worse, the house) and a safety danger (someone getting stuck under).  


#4: Ensure Your Exterior Garage Lights Are Working Properly

The garage exterior is just as important as the interior. Make sure your garage lights are charged, bright, and working. Your garage should be in good condition – doors varnished, and surrounding walls painted. Research shows that criminals are more inclined to break into houses that are not well maintained. You can’t only be secure; you must look the part too.


#5: Keep Your Garage Door Remotes Hidden

Lastly, keep the garage remote far and secure. Keep any active remotes away from plain sight while spares are securely hidden away. It is the festive season; kids are on holiday, and you’ve got guests coming over. The house is generally fuller. Mistakes can happen. “Prevention is better than the cure”. Avoid needing solutions by stopping problems from occurring all together.