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Say hello to garage door automation, with the Eazy Lift center mounted roll up motor.

What Is a Center Mounted Roll Up Motor?

The Eazy Lift center mounted roll up motor is a popular option for residencies. These roll up motors work by using a motorized operating system that is proven to be both cost-effective and reliable, both in terms of initial purchase price and maintenance.

The efficient design of the Eazy Lift center mounted roll up motor allows it to lift your garage door in a safe, secure, and effortless manner.  

Center Mounted Roll Up Motor Features

With a powerful and quiet motor, the Eazy Lift center mounted roll up motor has you covered.

The center mounted roll up motor features a clever, compact design that features a courtesy light that comes on as soon as you activate the system.

All Eazy Lift center mounted roll up motors come with a one-year guarantee, battery back-up and manual override.

Automate Your Garage Door Today

At Roos Garage Doors, we have nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. With the combination of manufacturing skills and our accredited installations, we have you covered.

Every garage door motor that leaves our factory is certified with the NCRS, ensuring that we adhere to acceptable standards of quality and safety.

For quality garage door automation, look no further than Roos Garage Doors – The best choice in garage door manufacturing and installation.


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