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Any mechanism that operates with moving parts needs some TLC every now and then.  Garage doors are no different.  In many instances they are not oiled or maintained correctly.  Poor maintenance results in extreme wear and tear amongst the smaller parts causing friction and jams.  This leaves you searching for a garage door repair specialist.  Fortunately for you, this is the place to find those experts! Too often, people buy their dream home, only to find several months later that the garage door installers, did a poor job initially and there after the door was never maintained. But even with the correct installation and regular maintenance, in South Africa climate can be hard and punishing, especially on exposed doors.  Ofcourse homeowners also use their garage doors frequently, often opening and closing them several times a day.  The stress of this daily use and environmental pressures compound over time, to affect even the smallest part, causing you hours of inconvenience.

Professional garage door repairs is just a call away.

Because most garage doors serve the function of securing your vehicle and assets, a poorly maintained door can severely impact this security.  Diminished security and the added inconvenience all make your life harder,  that’s the last thing you want from a long term investment. At Roos Garage Doors, our clients become our business partners, our claim is to make your life easier.  This is why our technicians are fully qualified to conduct expert garage door repairs, making sure your door rolls smoothly for years to come. Our technicians and sales people are only a call away to answer your questions, offer advise and when all else fails set up a date to repair your garage door to saving you time.

Roos Garage Doors stocks a wide range of garage door hardware.  Constant quality control ensures that we deliver goods of the highest standards.

We supply the following products:
Brackets, Cables, Clamps, Drums, Hinges, Handles, Rollers, Screws, Springs, Key Releases, Bolts and Nut, Pipes, Pully, Strikers, Tracks, Wall Plugs.

All our products go through rigorous quality assessments to ensure the best quality, functionality and true value for money.

Door Hardware

Top Bracket

Bottom Bracket

Jamb Bracket

End Bearing Bracket

Center Bearing Bracket

Flag Bracket


Key Release



Coach Screws

Hinge (1)

Hinge (2)

Hinge (3)

Hinge (4)


Torsion Pipe

Self Locking Nut with Nylon Insert

Square Cup Bolt

Steel Pulley

Steel Pulley with U bracket

45Kg Tension Spring

55Kg Tension Spring

65Kg Tension Spring

75Kg Tension Spring

Torsion Spring Left

Torsion Spring Right

Auto Latch and Stricker


Wall Plug

Horizontal and Vertical Curve Track


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