In the midst of constant loadshedding and the cost of living increasing, it has become more important than ever to become increasingly energy efficient. While some may think of your garage as simply another room where you park your car, it is still part of your home and could in fact be a contributor to a high energy bill.

In this article were going to provide you with six easy ways to save energy in your garage.


#1: Replace light bulbs with LED lighting

LEDs use much less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Not only do they help reduce energy usage, but they also last longer – meaning they will need to be replaced less frequently.

person replacing garage door light bulb with new LED bulbs

Swap out your current incandescent light bulbs in your garage with LED lighting. To take it one step further, consider investing in a light timer that can automatically switch off the light after a set amount of time.

#2: Insulate your garage

A very impactful way of improving your garage energy efficiency is to add insulation to your garage’s ceiling and walls. There are many different types of insultation you can use to do this, but this will depend on your garage’s specific needs.

man applying insulation to garage walls

By insulating your garage, you can cut costs on heating and cooling; a more stable garage temperature has less of an impact on the rest of the house.  

#3: Upgrade or fix your garage door

It’s not unknown that a garage door plays a huge role in sealing your home and preventing airconditioned air from escaping in summer, and cooler air from escaping in winter.

If you have a slightly older garage door that has rounded up some damage over the years you may want to consider upgrading your garage door as this could be affecting your garage’s energy efficiency.

There will be times where you don’t have to upgrade your garage door but can simply repair it instead. Knowing if you should repair or replace your garage door can go a long way and help you save money.  

#4: Invest in a new garage door opener

Older garage door openers are not very energy efficient and could very well be negatively impacting your garage door efficiency.

Today’s garage door openers are far more energy efficient than older models. They’re also quieter and come with more features.

man replacing garage door opener with new one

If you’ve got a slightly older garage door opener it would be a great idea to consider investing in a newer, more energy efficient model.

#5: Consider using garage solar panels

In South Africa, heating during the winter and cooling during the summer is a necessity for most homeowners. We all know how these utility costs can add up. One option is to consider installing solar panels on your garage roof which will provide electricity to not only your garage but also the rest of your home.

Garage with solar panels on the roof

#6: Get rid of old appliances

That old fridge running in the corner of your garage is not doing your electricity bill any justice. Although it might have seemed like a good idea to keep spare food frozen, it is wasting more energy than you realise.

If upgrading these older appliances to more energy efficient models isn’t on the table, it would be a wise move to get rid of them, or at least unplug them.