When looking to purchase a new garage door, the multitude of options can become rather overwhelming – you have an array of different styles and materials available. However, choosing a garage door doesn’t have to be a stressful task.

With a new garage door comes the opportunity to boost your home’s value and extend your personal expression. There are many pros and cons when choosing the material for a garage door, but one of the tried and tested material used is Meranti, thus the best option to date would be the wooden garage doors.

Here’s a look at why this type of garage door is a GREAT CHOICE for many homeowners.

1. Customize The Door (Flexibility)

Wooden garage doors not only look great, but they come in many different styles and designs. This is not always available in garage doors made from other material(s).

Whether you’re looking for an elegant and simple panel style, or a more extravagant look, the trusted wooden garage door can achieve your desired style.

2. Durability

One of the biggest advantages of wooden garage doors is that they get better with age, just like a good wine! By caring for them and oiling them, that bit of lack-lusterless, can change it into a MAGNIFICANT show piece for the home.

Should there be any damage, one can go to the manufacturer and get a replacement for said damaged panel or section. No need to replace the entire door.

3. Budget Flexibility

Another thing to appreciate about a wooden garage door, is the fact that they are available at a range of different prices, almost certainly fitting into everyone’s budget.

If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, you could opt for the door only, then add the extra’s such as the motor, at a later stage.

4. Soundproof / Less Noise

Wood is a natural sound barrier. If you live in area that is prone to noise pollution, a wooden garage door can help make your home and garage a quieter place.

Although choosing a garage door should never be a light decision, wooden garage doors possess many benefits. From aesthetics to maintenance, these doors are not only luxurious and accessible, but also provide your family with an additional form of security from within and without.