Automated garage doors are a convenience many of us take for granted. They enable us to enter and exit our garages without having to leave the comfort of our cars. 

However, remotes can easily be lost; when and if this happens, you need to know how to program your garage door remote so that you can continue to enter and exit your garage with ease.

In this article, we will outline precisely how to program your Eazylift remote. Let’s get started.  

How To Program Eazylift Limits

  1. Press and hold K.1 until an ‘L’ appears on the screen.
  2. Press and hold K.1 until the door reaches the open position i.e., level with the lintel. If it is a double garage door, make sure that the lifting cables are not slack.
  3. Press K3 to confirm the setting of the upper limit. A ‘d’ will then appear on the screen.
  4. Press and hold K.2 until the door is about 100mm above the floor. Move the door in short runs down until the weather seals touch the floor. Do not press the door hard against the floor.
  5. Press K.3 to confirm the setting of the lower limit. The door will now open and close in a trial run.
  6. Open and close the door with the remote. Make sure that the door will not open spontaneously after it has been closed. If it does, the whole process will need to be re-done.

How To Program Eazylift Remotes

  1. Press K.4. A red dot will appear on the screen.
  2. Press the dedicated button on the remote. The red dot will then disappear.
  3. Press the button again. The red dot will flicker and then fade out. The remote is now programmed.
  4. In the case where the whole memory of the remotes needs to be erased (e.g., in case of theft of remotes) press and hold K.4 until the red dot disappears. With the latest generation motors, the red dot will flicker, and a large C will flicker on the display as soon as the memory is wiped out. All remotes for the particular door must then be re-programmed.

How to Activate or De-Activate Beams

  1. Press and hold K.2 and K.3 together until “-“ appears on the screen. Press K.2 again. If “H” appears on the screen, the beams have been activated. If “II” appears on the screen, the beams have been de-activated.
  2. Press K.2 to toggle between activated or de-activated.
  3. Press K.3 to confirm.

How To Set Sensitivity

  1. Press K.2 until “p” appears on the screen.
  2. Sensitivity may be set on a scale of 1 to 9. 1 being highly sensitive, and 9 being the least sensitive.
  3. 1 will take the count upwards, while K.2 will take it down.
  4. Press K.3 to confirm.

How To Program Auto close

  1. Press and hold K2 and K3 until “-“ appears on the screen.
  2. Press K1 once. The side profile of a chair will appear on the screen. If the seat shows towards the right, auto close is active. If the chair shows towards the left, auto close is de-activated. K1 will toggle between activated and de-activated.
  3. Press K2. Any number between 1 and 9 (minutes) will appear on the screen. K2 will count up to 9 and start at 1 again. The number will indicate the time that the door will stay open.
  4. Press K3 to confirm the setting.

How To Program The Receiver On Your Remote

  1. Press the learn button on the receiver – the light will illuminate.
  2. Press the remote button twice. The remote is now programmed on the gate motor or other brand garage motor.

If you are experiencing difficulties programming your remote control or are facing issues where your garage door isn’t functioning as it should, contact us today and we will happily assist you.