Your garage door is one of the most frequently used items in a home, undergoing opening and closing numerous times throughout the day. As mechanics have improved over the years, garage doors have become more durable. But, even the most durable of garage doors will occasionally require a service.

Whether your garage door requires alignment, broken spring service or routine maintenance, a garage door service is one of the best ways to keep your garage door rolling for years.

Below we have identified 6 specific signs that indicates your garage door is in need of a service.

1. Delayed Response When Opening

There’s no doubt that the convenience of an automated garage door hinges on the ability to use a remote to open and close it. But, if you start to notice your door taking longer than usual while opening or closing, or starts jerking, it might be time for a service.

Be sure to check your remote batteries first; if the batteries seem fine and the problem persists it may be a sign of a bigger issue with your springs or rollers.

2. Garage Door Panels are Damaged

Damaged panels are not only unsightly but can also lead to more serious issues later down the line.

Once a door’s panels become damaged or misaligned, the damage will get worse, and the functionality of the door could become compromised if the issue isn’t addressed.

3. Your Door is Making Excessive Noise

All garage doors will make a noise when opening or closing. But, if you notice that the sound starts to change and/or become excessive, it could be a telltale sign that something is not right.

Generally, a garage door motor in action should sound regular and smooth. If the operating sound starts becoming more aggressive and wrenching, it is more than likely you need to have your garage door serviced to prevent any major issues from occurring.

4. You Can’t Manually Lift the Door

The feature of an automatic garage door is its ability to lift itself. However, you should also be able to lift it manually in the event of a power outage.

If your garage door is difficult or impossible to lift manually, it could mean that your springs are no longer capable of holding a portion of the weight. Springs degrade over time and eventually begin to lose tension, leading to failure.

Call a Garage Door Expert for Service and Assistance  

These 4 signs are indicative that it may be time to get your garage door serviced. Roos Garage Doors render services and maintenance to a wide range of garage doors. Contact us today so that you can get back to having a safe and reliable garage door for years to come.